Technical Mods

I have added airbags to the rear suspension of the truck. Until it is out of warranty, there is not much else I will be doing to it so I don’t void it.


In April of 2016, after having a blowout of a tire near Albuquerque, NM, we decided to go ahead a little early with upgrading the tires, wheels, and axles on the trailer.

We are running on Goodyear G614 235/85/R16, which has a capacity of 110 psi and a load rating of over 3,700 lbs. We also upgraded the wheels to ones that are rated for the higher psi.

new tires

Tires and wheels were purchased at Discount Tire. I highly recommend purchasing through them. This is my second set of tires, and because I had two tires damaged in the blow out, both were eligible for the road hazard warranty that I had purchased, so I got a refund towards the purchase of another tire.

So, I purchased:

4 wheels at $90

4 Tires at $293

Warranty/road hazard replacement/lifetime balance $256 for all four tires

32 new lug nuts (gotta sparkle) $48

So, with taxes and such total was $1,662.95


Axles we had done at MCT Industries. I highly recommend using them for price and service. Read here for my experience with them.

new axles

Replaced both axles with 7k axles, upgraded leaf springs, new brakes, new hubs, new wiring for $1,600.11, which is a considerable cost savings, since I have seen the 7k axle assemblies from Dexter cost $1,000 a piece.

Here is how we deal with stabilizing the RV while setup.

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