Joshua Tree National Park

We checked another National Park off on the visited list, but this has been one 15 years in the making. It has been a park that Jason has wanted to visit ever since we took a trip to Arizona in college, but didn’t quite make it far enough.

This park lived up to the expectations. It is a gorgeous area, set up in the mountains surrounding the Coachella Valley. You get a taste of the park before you ever enter, as the landscape quickly changes as you ascend out of the valley. The park sits on the border between the Mojave and Colorado deserts, creating a diverse ecosystem and landscape. It is home to many varieties of plants and animals, as well as some sweet rock formations that climbers are all over.

Proof that our Junior Rangers are willing to learn about and take care of the parks across the country.

It is neat how the leaves become protection for the tree (yes, they are pokey!)

(Knock, knock)

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