Kids closet

As the kids have slowly destroyed the (cheaply made) closet that came with the RV, we have been plotting out what to replace it with. I have gone back and forth trying to find a pre-made solution or to custom build one myself. Thankfully, we settled on a pre-made solution from Ikea. We used the Stuva series wardrobe with the Folja door and drawer fronts (, which has a lot of little customizations to it. The measurements work out just about right and it is a much better use of the space.

closet 9

The before photo.

The demo went pretty smooth. I only needed an impact to back off the screws and my fist to take care of the rest. Like I said, cheaply made. After I had all of the material cleared out, I cleaned and painted the wall that was covered up.

closet 8

I added some plywood to the back of the closet for added structural integrity and to give myself something to screw through to attach it to the wall.

closet 7

Next was building a small platform for the closet to sit on since Keystone hired an idiot for a designer and brought the shore power cable through the wall where the closet sits.

closet 6 closet 5

The matte black worked out well, IMO.

The closet came with spots for leveling feet, but since I didn’t need them I was able to utilize the holes to secure the closet to the base, which is screwed into the floor. Next came final assembly, add the drawers and doors, and add a finishing touch of a play rug to cover where the carpet is lacking.

closet 3

One of my helpers.

closet 4 closet 2 closet 1

We plan to figure a way to bungee the handles together for travel days. It’s nice that the hinges and drawer slides are made to close/stay closed, so that should help as well.

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