Monahans Sandhills

If you are in west Texas, there is a really fun state park right off of I-20 called Monahans Sandhills State Park. Just out of nowhere these sand dunes spring up, and it is isolated to this one area. We absolutely love the beauty of this area, and the fact that it is one HUGE sandbox to play in. They have hookups for RVs, so you get to walk out your door and into this magical place.

We first visited in April of 2014, and the first photos are from that visit. We were on our way to Tucson, so it was planned as an overnight stop, and once we were there we were bummed that we didn’t have more time to play.



We visited again in April of 2016, but this time made sure that we had more time to play. They rent sled discs out at the ranger station so that you can slide down the dunes, and when the conditions are right, it is a fun time.
monohans 6 monohans 5 monohans 4


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