And the kitchen sink, too.

I think that most RV owners would agree that they are not built with the highest quality options (read cheap and plastic), and that it is a necessity to carry out upgrades if one plans to live in theirs full time. We have never liked our kitchen faucet, and after it gave us a few fits recently, I decided that it was time to actively look for one. I have not been too pleased with the prices at the home improvement stores and haven’t found anything in the clearance areas. This past weekend, I found what I was looking for at Costco for a much better price.

sink 2
I was happy to find a faucet with a pull out handle to make it easier to fill up our Berkey. I was having a hard time finding anything below $100 in this category.

So, quick and easy change out? Lets find out how well that applies to an RV. First step, remove old faucet.

sink 5

sink 4

Easy enough, especially since I had recently done that for some water flow troubleshooting. Next up, make a new hole since this style passes everything through the middle.

sink 3

Piece of cake, since I already had the hole saw on hand. Now we slide everything through the hole and secure it to the counter top.

sink 7

So, it looks finished from this perspective, but there is no water connected yet. Things have been going pretty easy up to this point, should I get nervous?

I had purchased a fitting to adapt from my 1/2″ pex tube feed to the 3/8″ line for the faucet.

sink 1

This one worked, after I took off the compression ends and just left the male threads. So, let’s tighten everything down and turn on the water (can you see where this may be going?).

Yep, I had a leak. I turns out that the 1/2″ side of my adaptor didn’t compress the rubber gasket enough inside the pex fitting. So, after a good time mopping up, it was back to the hardware store to find a different fitting. I decided to put new fittings on the pex tubing and was able to find exactly what I needed, with the added bonus of an inline shutoff valve.

sink 6

Old fitting, new fitting.

Once the new fittings were installed, the water was turned back on and everything worked properly. I picked up some pipe straps and secured the pex at the shutoff valve to keep it in place and not banging around.

So, final test. How well does it fill up the Berkey?

sink 8


‘Look, Ma, no hands.’

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