Louisiana RV Show

I think that something everyone can agree on is that even if you already have something and are satisfied with it, it is still fun to look around. This holds true for us in regards to RVs. Yes, we absolutely love our house, but it is still fun to look around at other models, if for nothing else to get some ideas about layouts. On this note, the kids and I went to the RV show in New Orleans, where, thankfully, everyone under the age of 15 was admitted for free (I was just $8). We had fun walking around and looking at units, although nothing really caught my eye in regards to anything I would be looking at for our family (I’m looking at layouts and functionality, always trying to get new ideas that I could incorporate into our house). We noticed that there are really just two areas of clientele that were being marketed to: couples that want luxury or hunters/campers that just need bare bones.

Both the sales men and I was frustrated that they didn’t have any units that appealed to us (or any family, really). I didn’t have anything to look at and they couldn’t pitch me anything. O well.

Despite this, we still saw some fun features and thought we would share.

rv show 8

This toilet is easily accessible. Good natural light, too.


rv show 7

You can get a window unit in a new model, no need to wait for the roof top to break down first.

rv show 6

I thought this was a neat idea. You get the back patio with out the toy hauler. It even has a retractable awning.


rv show 5

Still too short, but this shower head looked heavenly.


rv show 4

I really don’t know why you would need an emergency hammer in the bathroom. No windows to break and I didn’t see a seat belt on the toilet.


rv show 2

A back door leading out of the bunk room? That is a whole lot of NOPE!


The kids also gave me a few good quotes as we were touring through the RVs.

“This is like a tiny hotel, something we could use for a vacation.” – Said while touring a 22′ class C.

“Daddy could totally transform this…” – Said about anything they wanted changed.

“Mommy can keep a ton of her books in here.”

“There is no place to put the toilet paper.” – There was no holder in the bathroom.

“LIAR!” – Me, to any sign saying ‘This truck can tow this trailer’. I especially cringe at the fifth wheels being advertised that a half ton can pull them.

We missed the seminars, but had fun walking past the vendor tables and the kids getting their goodie bags filled up. My favorite was the beef jerky vendor, who assumed that they did not like hot/spicy products. He gave the kids some of the hot stuff, and they ate it without needing to reach for their water. Impressed the sales man and made their daddy proud.

We had a really fun time and I’m glad that the kids are still this excited about the lifestyle.


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